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Research evaluated by Robert M. Lavker PhD., Professor of Dermatology and Director of Dermatology Research at Northwestern University showed an increase in collagen and skin matrix production. It was shown that Novo Solutions MD®:

• Restores vigor, elasticity and brilliance to mature skin
• Assists in the visible repair and regeneration of damaged skin
• Prompts the skin’s own “factory cells” (fibroblasts) to increase natural collagen production
• Enhances skin matrix and stimulates growth of new skin cells
• Repairs moisture systems and keeps youthful skin healthy

Novo Solutions MD® utilized advanced skin analysis to provide a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of the skin’s complexion, measuring the quantity and depth of pores and wrinkles, analyzing skin texture and pigment disturbances, recognizing UV damage and bacteria in pores, and providing an informative comparison of your patient’s complexion as compared to others of the same sex, age and ethnicity.

It Was Medically Proven That Novo Solutions MD® Patients Experienced:

• 47.5% Increase in Pro-Collagen
• 44.9% Reduction in surface occupied deep wrinkles
• 30% Reduction in depth of wrinkles
• 26% Increase in skin’s smoothness
• 19.5% increase in elasticity
• 17% increase in skin tone


• 94% Experienced more youthful looking skin
• 92% Felt an improvement in skin tone
• 83% Experienced an increase in elasticity and firmness
• 79% Observed a decrease in under eye puffiness
• 73% Saw a decrease in wrinkles and lines