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“I am a 75 year old R.N. and have used your Novo System products exclusively and as directed for 15 days. I am TRULY AMAZED with the results which I began to notice after the first day of use. I have tried other high end products over the past few years which have included products by Dr’s. Perricone, Pugliese, and Creme de la Mer. By far, NovoSerum and your products surpass the others and has provided me with increased elasticity, firmness, and tone. In addition, I observed a decrease in under eye puffiness. In retrospect, I regret not taking photos during the 15 days of use as each day I noted a visible change; especially with the eye cream. Thank You Novo Solutions MD.”
- Francesca M. RN, MSW
“I love this product and have noticed some very pleasing differences in my own skin. One problem that I did have, due to the an overly oily nose area, were BIG pores, some strange growths (none of which are worrisome, just age warts or whatever) typical age/sun spots, and just a rougher texture to my facial skin overall. Well, I am here to tell you that, all of the above issues, have greatly improved. But, the best part is that my skin feels softer, smoother and has an even texture. Viola! I love it. Thank you for this great product. I will continue to use it.”
- Carreen B.
“As a 52-year-old guy, I never really thought about buying and using a skin care system. I shave most everyday and add a little OTC moisturizer or sunscreen before I run out the door. These Novo products made the difference for me. It quickly improved and removed the wrinkles around my eyes making me look and feel younger. Unsolicited positive comments all the time now about my appearance. Not bad for an older guy. Try it and let the compliments come. You won’t be disappointed.”
- Barry J., 52
“I positively love these products to keep my skin feeling and looking like velvet. The Face Serum and Eye Serum are essential parts to my daily routine.”
- Nicole, 24
“My wife and I have both been using NOVO Solutions MD® products, and have found that the products decreased many signs of aging and environmental damage. We have observed that our skin has become smoother, firmer and finer textured after months of using the products.”
- Richard W. MD
“I started using the system and within five days I noticed a pleasant radiance and improved skin tone. In 10 days, my skin felt smoother and I noticed fine lines disappearing. I am grateful for these products and could not be without it. Gave up fine department store brands.”
- Karen, 48
“Never used Botox and my skin never looked better. Fine lines and wrinkles have been reduced or disappeared. My skin is softer, smoother, and more youthful. I am consistently told I look in my 40s or early 50s. I will use these products forever.”
- Harriet, 71